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Dr. Samar Bahadur Yadav (Principal)

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all of the Trainee Teachers, Aspirants, Parents/Guardians and all other Stakeholders to Nutanhat Teachers' Training Institute. At first I would like to thank all who are visiting our website to learn more about the College. This College is established in rural area of Nutanhat under Mongalkote Block in Purba Bardhaman District.

Nutanhat Teachers' Training Institute is a premier institute of Teachers' Training providing quality education to the students with a noble mission to pursue excellence in the gamut of Teacher Education. It aims at attaining highest standards in its endeavours. The college runs under the aegis of "United Organised Educational Trust" a charitable trust established in 2009.

The rein of the Trust, the focus of the management and the faculty of education here is on grooming trainees into extraordinary leaders by fostering an unbreakable spirit of commitment sense of education and responsibility. The prevalent rich learning environment at the college campus facilitate extensive and inclusive opportunities to the learners of B.Ed.

Gaining knowledge alone is not Education, but it is that what makes us better human beings and so determines the future of the country. Education should help one to acquire life skills, there by live well, behave well to others and contribute his/her best to the society/nation/world. Ultimately the aim of Education should be the real peace in the world, where persons only use, develop and spread the positives in them.

Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi has beautifully observed the meaning of Education as 'the all-round drawing out of the best in child and man, in body, mind and spirit'. Here in this College, we are in that effort to bring out the best in our trainee-teachers, in all aspects, so that they are equipped to do the same when they become the real teachers later. All the activities are organized here as a team work by the faculty to achieve this common goal.

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