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Hands-on Learning Experience


1. Psychology Lab

The college has a psychology lab with latest psychological tests and inventories. The well equipped psychology lab, consisting of different psychological equipments, charts, experiments, tests etc. It helps students to understand the psychology of children, adult or any other social member. It actually helps students, teachers to give qualitative output to the society.

Our Laboratory has Apparatus for Simple experiments related to educational psychology test
Intelligence Test (Performance, Non-Verbal or Verbal)
Aptitude Test
Creativity Test
Personality Test
Attitude Test
Interest & Inventories Test
Charts, Models & Maps

2. Art & Craft Lab

Teachers’ training course includes hand work, art, craft or preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc. So the institute possesses an Art and Craft resources centre to facilitate the students

3. Language Lab

Language Lab is the platform to learn language for the student. It helps to develop reading, writing and besides that specially listening and speaking skills. It helps to improve  pronunciation of any language. Institute has different CDs, MP3 and Cassettes regarding contents English Speaking, GK, Personality Development etc.


4. Computer Lab

The college has a well equipped computer lab with latest computers with multimedia and internet connectivity. In order to give a basic understanding about usage of computers and operations, the institute has established a moderate computer laboratory. To keep the pace of the institute with time, the college maintains a computer lab with computer systems with latest software, hardware and peripherals. Systematically arranged computer systems can provide insight to the students in the area of Internet and other information available through computers which is essential and unavoidable in the new era. Students can learn to use computers for all practical purposes of teaching.

5. Geography Lab

As Geography is one of the important subjects in secondary and higher secondary level, college has introduced this subject as method and content papers to mitigate the needs. A well-equipped laboratory with modern sophisticated geographical equipments, maps, models, globes etc are provided to the students for their practical’s.
The following geographical equipments are available in NTTI.

  1. Laminating Map

  2. Globe (Big, Small)

  3. Light Tracing Table.

  4. Hygrometer.

  5. Max & Min Thermometer.

  6. Flexible Curve.

  7. Rain gauge Apparatus

  8. Compass

  9. 3D Map.

  10. Divider.

  11. Round Protector

  12. Sets Square

  13. Graph Paper.

  14. Tracing Paper

  15. Map Book.

  16. Barometer

  17. Drawing Table

  18. Various type of Rocks such as Galena, Quartzite, Basalt etc.


6. Science Lab

The College has its own well equipped and furnished Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics laboratories to facilitate student teachers to enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations and live presentations.


7.  Mathematics Laboratory:


  It is a unique room or place, with relevant and up-to-date equipment known as instructional materials, designated for the teaching and learning of mathematics and other scientific or research work, whereby professionally qualified Lecturer readily interact with the student teachers on specified set of instructions.


To an approach to teaching and learning of mathematics which provides opportunity to the learners to abstract mathematical ideas through their own experiences, that is to relate symbol to realities. The functions of mathematics laboratory include the followings:

  1. Arousing interest and motivating learning.
  2. Cultivating favourable attitudes towards mathematics.
  3. Enriching and varying instructions.
  4. Encouraging and developing creative problems solving ability.
  5. Allowing for individual differences in manner and speed at which students learn.
  6. Making students to see the origin of mathematical ideas and participating in “mathematics in the making”.

Chemistry Laboratory: It gives the student teachers an appreciation of the way chemistry, as a science, works. Above all, the aims offer possibilities where the student teachers can be challenged to think, to argue, to weigh evidence, to explore chemical ideas.

There is an opportunity to make chemistry real, to illustrate ideas and concepts, to expose theoretical ideas to empirical testing, to teach new chemistry and as a source of evidence in enquiry and to learn how to devise experiments which offer genuine insights into chemical phenomena. It helps to learn the skills of observation and the skills of deduction and interpretation. The Intellectual stimulation is connections with the ‘real world’, raising enthusiasm for chemistry.
Biology Laboratory: The study of biology provides student teacher with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. Biology is the study of life and its evolution, of organisms and their structures, functions, processes, and interactions with each other and with their environments.

The knowledge of biology includes scientific data, concepts, hypotheses, theories, methodology, use of instruments, and conceptual themes. The student teachers will use the processes and materials of science to construct their own explanation of biological phenomena. They observe to collect data and interpret data of life processes, living organisms, and/or simulations of living phenomena. The distinction between laboratory and traditional classroom learning is that activities are student-centered, with students actively engaged in hands-on, minds-on activities using laboratory or field materials and techniques.

Physics Laboratory: Physics helps the student teachers to develop a broad array of basic skills and tools of experimental physics and data analysis.

 It helps the student teachers to understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments and develop collaborative learning skills that are vital to success in many lifelong endeavors.


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