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107/10/2020Course VI Question PaperDownload
208/10/2020Course VIIIB (Knowledge & Curriculum) Question Paper 2020Download
310/10/2020Course X Question Paper (Creating an Inclusive School) 2020 Download
412/10/2020Course XI (Guidance and Counselling) Optional PaperDownload
530/01/2021Childhood & Growing UpDownload
601/02/2021Contemporary India and Education Course-IIDownload
702/02/2021Language Across the Curriculum Course-IV, Sem-IDownload
803/02/2021Understanding Discipline and Subject C-V, Sem-IDownload
924/02/2021Question Paper of Learning and Teaching Course-III, Sem-II Examination 2020Download
1025/02/2021C-VIIA Pedagogy of Language TeachingDownload
1126/02/2021C-VIIIA Knowledge and Curriculum Sem-II Examination 2020Download
1227/02/2021Question Paper C-IX Learning & Assessment for Semester-II Examination 2020Download
1331/03/2021Course-VIIB, SEM-IIIDownload
1410/08/2021Question Paper of Gender School and Society Course-VIDownload
1511/08/2021Question Paper of Knowledge and Curriculum VIIIBDownload
1605/10/2021Qestion Paper of C-I, Sem-IDownload
1707/10/2021Question Paper C-II, Sem-IDownload
1808/10/2021Qusetion C-IV Sem-IDownload
1909/10/2021Question on C-V, Semester-IDownload
2001/02/2022Learning and Teaching C-IIIDownload
2102/02/2022Question Paper on C-VIIADownload
2203/02/2022Question Paper C-VIIIA, SEM-IIDownload
2304/02/2022Question Paper C-IX, Sem-IIDownload
2427/06/2022C-VI Sem-IV, 22Download
2528/06/2022Sem-IV, C-VIIIBDownload
2629/06/2022Sem-IV, C-XDownload
2702/07/2022Sem-IV, C-XIDownload
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